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As soon as you make your selection for the size and condition of the container you want, you will see the total price for purchase AND delivery. Next, fill in your delivery and contact details, pay, and we take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

Or, if you prefer, pick up the phone and dial (855) 999-1916 to speak to one of our container specialists who will answer your questions, discuss any specific issues about your container or your proposed delivery site, and take your order.

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Our Goal is Simple

Give you a quality container, at a reasonable rate with up-front pricing, and a timely delivery.


Quality Shipping Containers

No one likes to make an order and learn that it wasn’t correct. Our drivers care enough to examine each container before loading up; the floors, the doors, and the locks.

Instant Pricing and Fast Ordering Process

We are upfront and make the process simple. Pick the size and grade of your container and add to cart, put in a Zip Code, and push submit. No submitting personal information and waiting for emailed quotes or a phone call! You will get instant pricing at the push of a button.

Updates on Your Container Delivery

We know you are excited to accept delivery of your purchase. In addition to a speedy delivery, you will receive frequent notifications to keep you updated on the status of the order and your delivery date and time window.

Prepare the Site for your Container

To be fully prepared to receive a problem-free delivery of your container, read Preparing for the Delivery of Your Container at the bottom of this page, or call (855) 999-1916 to speak to a container specialist for any questions or to discuss specifics about your proposed delivery site.

For general information about freight containers, our company, what you need to know before putting a container on your property, and specific details about our delivery service, continue reading.

Purchase Your Shipping and Storage Containers

The Shipping Container Co. is the leading reseller of shipping and storage containers in the U.S.

Through our national network we deliver top-quality, standard size ISO containers to consumers, corporations, and institutions. We give our customers cost-effective solutions to their need for extra space for many uses with fast and reliable service without the hassle of waiting for quotes or callbacks with our easy purchase and delivery plan direct from the website.

Inventory and Delivery Equipment Access

The Shipping Container Co. has access to a large inventory of storage containers for sale from our depot locations. We have partnerships with the industry’s leading equipment owners to source containers on demand for large and on-going projects.

National Network

The Shipping Container Co. has access to containers in depots across the United States to serve our container sales customers. Tilt-bed trucks deliver our containers within 350 miles of these major metro areas: Seattle, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City.

Instant Pricing on Container + Delivery

To get immediate pricing on your container order, select the size and condition of the container you wish to purchase, fill in your delivery location zip code, and you will see the price from our depot nearest to your site. Or if you prefer, you can call us at (855) 999-1916 and talk to one of our sales representatives who will be happy to answer any questions you have, discuss your storage requirements in detail, and take your order over the phone.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Storage Containers

1. How much does a container cost?

Although you will see containers for sale priced from about $1,800 – $6,500, often these prices do NOT include delivery freight costs to your location. When you use The Shipping Container Co.’s fast online order process, you’ll be able to see our prices INCLUDING the cost of delivery right from the website instantly – no waiting for a quote to come back and no need to talk to a salesperson. Pricing can vary widely per location and can change often depending on supply, so click on the location nearest you. We give you Instant Pricing with NO hidden fees and NO surprises.

2. What are the standard container dimensions?

The standard ISO cargo containers we supply are 8ft (2.43m) wide, 8.5ft (2.59m) high, and come in two lengths; 20ft (6.06m) and 40ft (12.2m). Extra tall containers called high-cube containers are available at 9.5ft (2.89m) high and 40ft length. Also available in some locations are small standard height containers 10ft (3.05m) length.

3. What does “double-door” mean?

A double-door cargo container has two sets of “barn style” doors at both ends of the container as opposed to one set of doors at only one end of the container (the most common configuration). The double door is an excellent choice for easy access to both ends of the container. Double door containers are available in both the 20ft and 40ft length as well as in the high-cube size, and typically cost about $400-600 more in price than a container with one set of doors.

4. What are the differences in the condition of containers?

There are various conditions and options available in used containers. Here are some guidelines to find the best condition for your project. The standard conditions of ISO containers available for aftermarket sales are referred to as:

New or One-Trip: New containers for sale can be referred to as “one-trip,” “one-way,” or “one-use” containers, because they have been used for only one trip. Order a container with this description if you want a nearly new look and condition, although they will have a few scratches from being used once. They are usually manufactured in Asia and loaded with cargo one time, and then shipped to U.S. ports, which are their final destination. Since they are usually too expensive to ship back to their port of origin, these conex containers are readily available for many alternative uses. We do not use the term “New” on any of our containers because we believe it is deceiving by our competitors. All of our containers have been used at least once.

CWO or Cargo Worthy and Certified: A cargo worthy container indicates that the unit has been inspected by a certified cargo surveyor and deemed worthy of ocean cargo transport.

WWT or Wind/Water Tight: Containers in wind and watertight condition have usually been in shipping service for approximately 10-12 years. “Wind and watertight” means that the seller believes it to be a well-sealed and waterproof container, but it has not been inspected by a cargo surveyor.

Other Conditions You May See:

  • If your container will be sited in inclement weather or near the ocean, look for “Corten Steel,” which can withstand such conditions without rusting.
  • If the outer look of the container is important for your project, look for a One-Trip container. Other grade containers can have problems with paint peeling from rust.
  • A container designated as “no shipping label” is one without a company logo on the container. It is usually a single color, without other markings.
  • Steel containers for sale that are designated “as-is” are often the most economical option, but are also the most worn. They may also have some damage, leaks, rust and peeling paint. They are the “fixer-uppers” of the container world and are in large supply at low prices; however, they may not be suitable for your project unless you are able to make needed repairs. All of our containers are guaranteed not to leak for 1 year from date of delivery.
  • Modified containers for sale have had work done on them that may include one or more of the following: repainting, framing and insulation, roll-up doors or side doors, heating and/or air conditioning units, extra security bars and locks, skylights, partitions, windows, vents and fans. Any addition or replacement of doors or windows, however, compromises the both the security of the original model and the wind/weather sealing. All our containers are unmodified, unless otherwise stated.

5. What is the cubic capacity of standard containers?

A small standard container’s capacity of 10 feet in length is 563 cu.ft.

A standard container’s capacity of 20 feet in length is 1,170 cu.ft.

A standard container’s capacity of 40 feet in length is 2,387 cu. ft.

6. What are containers made of?

ISO containers are made of hi-quality 14-guage corrugated steel panels, and usually have wood floors of 1 1/8” marine plywood.

7. Do I need a permit to put a container on my property or site?

Look online or call your local city or county office to find out if there are any local or county ordinances restricting the use of containers for your specific address. Ensure that you are allowed to house a container on the premises before purchase and delivery.

8. What are the containers used for?

Cargo containers are large, well-designed and built-to-last steel boxes that are very secure. Some common uses in alternative or sustainable housing are for living spaces, extra rooms or office spaces, temporary housing during a re-model and for extra storage space. Manufacturing uses include short and long-term storage for raw and finished products, on construction sites to keep materials secure during a building project, by the military for training facilities and storage, and by institutions for holding equipment during renovations. They have found many creative alternative uses and can be transformed into all kinds of useful things, including campers, cabins, swimming pools, restaurants, sports changing rooms, and in some countries, they are even converted for use as school rooms and hospitals.

9. Can I pick my container?

No. The way we source our containers from shipping depots does not allow us to show you individual containers for sale before purchase. Containers are always coming and going through our depots. We offer a standard grading process so you know the condition of the container you will get. All our containers are guaranteed to not leak – which is something smaller sellers are unable to provide. Beware if you are buying a container from a seller “As-Is.”

Preparing for the Delivery of Your Storage Container

What to Expect When You Buy a Container

After you order online or by phone, we’ll be in touch within one (1) business day to arrange the delivery of your container. Plan for 4-7 business days for delivery, depending on your location and distance from our closest depot. We’ll let you know the scheduled date ahead of time, and the website will also inform you when the driver is en route.

What to Expect When the Container is Delivered

Ground level delivery: Your container will arrive on a tilt-bed truck that will set it down on your designated site without any need for equipment on your part. The truck driver will back up the truck to the site where you want the container set down. A winch secures the container and holds it as the back of the truck tips downward and the first end of the container is carefully lowered to the ground. Next, the driver moves the truck forward as the winch continues to hold and set the container on the ground.

Keep in mind that once the process has begun, the driver cannot turn the truck in any direction; therefore, the length of room that the truck needs to maneuver is the full length of the container plus the full length of the truck, and if necessary, a space large enough for the truck to turn to get out of the spot and back onto the road. Before ordering a container, measure your property to ensure that you have at least 110 feet for the delivery of a 20ft container, or 130 feet for a 40ft container.

Additionally, the driver cannot deliver on grass or lawns or in fields because when the containers are being set on the ground, it pushes down and against the truck, adding to the weight. Therefore very firm and flat ground is essential for a successful delivery. Cement or paved surfaces or prepared gravel surfaces are recommended.

Checklist for delivery:

Ensure that each of these conditions is met or delivery may not be possible, but delivery charges would still apply. If you have any questions about the suitability of your site, give us a call at (855) 999-1916 to discuss it with us before ordering. If there’s any reason you feel the requested site may not work for delivery, you should have a back-up spot available.

Enough space for driver maneuverability

The delivery truck may make wide turns, or drive through gates, trees or other obstructions. Please ensure there is enough room for it to make wide turns and avoid any obstructions or nearby fences, buildings or other structures to set up for a safe delivery.

Enough space to deliver the container

The width of the truck is about 10 feet, so it will need room to turn after the box has been placed. Measure your property at 110 feet for 20ft containers, or 130 feet for 40ft containers, as well as enough space to make a turn, if required.

A hard surface for the truck and the container

Delivery trucks can weigh up to 45,000 lbs., so it will sink into soft surfaces like mud or wet grass and become stuck. If the driver assesses a risk of sinking, he may refuse delivery at his discretion when he arrives, so be certain that the entire delivery area is dry and hard enough to bear this amount of weight.

Obstruction-free area above and below the site

Delivery trucks are 13’6″ in height before tilting to place the container, and can rise up to 16′ tall during the peak of the delivery. Check your site to ensure there are no power lines, television or phone cables, tree branches, or other overhead obstructions. We will also need to be informed of underground cables and manhole covers or if the container will be sited inside another building.

Site your container in a water-free area

Intermodal containers are equipped with steel cross-members under the wood flooring that are sturdy enough to hold up to some rusting. However, if your container will be set down in a place where water tends to pool, the steel will fail after only a few years causing the flooring to soften and compromise the integrity of your structure. Prevent this condition by elevating the cross-members with sturdy blocks placed at intervals, railroad ties, or other means of raising the structure.

All containers provided by The Shipping Container Co. are leak-proof, with properly closing and sealed doors and a floor free of holes. Keep in mind, however, that all used containers are likely to have some surface rust, dings and dents from prior use, and other cosmetic issues.

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