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The Shipping Container Co. delivers new and used containers from our Omaha location directly to your site (within a 350-mile drive from downtown Omaha). All of our one-trip, CWO and WTT cargo containers are checked for quality and have our guarantee of no-leaks and no surprises Instant Pricing, including delivery to your location in 4-7 business days. First, pick the container size and container condition you need, add your purchase to the cart, type in the zip code of your delivery location and see the price in full— NO WAITING for a quote or a sales call, and no need to open an account before seeing the full price of the container and the delivery cost.

Local Delivery to Omaha, Council Bluffs, Papillion, Bellevue, Plattsmouth & Gretna and within 350 Miles

Ever wondered, “Where can I buy shipping containers for sale near me?” Well, we have the answer. For the speediest ordering and delivery, just fill out the order form or call The Shipping Container Co. at (402) 810-7701.
Our storage containers are inspected and ready to deliver to any neighborhood in the greater Omaha area, including Ralston, Boys Town, Millard, Chalco, La Vista, Bennington, King Lake, Waterloo, Venice, Gretna, Springfield, Richfield, Papillion, Bellevue, Offutt, La Platte, Cedar Creek, and many more.

Note: Always call to check with your city and/or county office for specific ordinances for siting containers before placing your order for delivery of your shipping container.

Timely Delivery of Containers in Nearby Omaha Municipalities

Omaha, NE and Nearby Cities and Towns:


North Omaha, Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, Chautauqua, Crescent, Bellevue, Offut, La Platte, La Vista, Papillion, Richfield, Springfield, Cedar Creek, South Bend, Gretna, Chalco, Memphis, Wann, Elkhorn, Bennington, Washington, Kennard, Fort Calhoun, Honey Creek, Loveland, De Soto, Missouri Valley, Blair, Modale, Arlington, Nickerson, Fremonth, Inglewood, Leshara, Valley, Yutan, Ithaca, Neola, Underwood, Treynor, Mineola, Silver City, Glenwood, Plattsmouth and Greenwood.

Omaha Storage Container Delivery within a 350-Mile Drive

From our Omaha NE location we deliver new and used freight containers within a 350-mile driving distance. On this order page, choose the size and condition of ISO shipping container you want, move to the shopping cart where you enter your zip code to instantly view your total No-Surprise Pricing for the container PLUS delivery costs.

shipping containers in Omaha

Shipping Container Frequently Asked Questions

Are the containers wind and watertight?

Sea containers for transporting goods across oceans are exceptionally wind and watertight. They have heavy-duty rubber seals on the all the doors to maintain the integrity of the containers for dryness. The Shipping Container Co. ensures that all containers are inspected before re-selling them for alternate uses, such as container houses, storage units, container offices, and many other projects. Low-grade containers that are sold “as is” that may be damaged to an extent that might render them not wind or water tight because of deep rust or corrosion, so avoid purchasing the cheapest containers. Due to an active market for cargo containers for alternative housing and other uses, new, one-trip, cargo-worthy (CWO), and Wind-Water Tight (WWT) are all excellent choices for your container project because they provide a weather-proof environment.

How much maintenance will I need to do for a storage container?

When a container is positioned on the ground so its bottom remains dry, it will require very little maintenance over its lifetime. If sited inside a building, it will be almost maintenance-free. Even outside in the elements, the high quality steel will hardly deteriorate since it is designed to traverse oceans while being exposed to the all kinds of weather. When you purchase a “new” one-trip container, you’ll get as much as 4-5 decades of use, due to high quality steel and long-lasting paint. You should expect to put oil on the door hinges and locking bars once every 2-3 years. The rubber seals around the doors may deteriorate after 10 years, but if the container is situated inside or even if it’s outside in mild weather conditions, the seals could last up to 20 years. When you buy a container, you may see small dents or patches of corrosion, so you’ll expect to paint that area as needed or weld a metal patch over the spot. You may wish to repaint your container for appearance once or twice during its lifetime use.

How do I site my container?

The important consideration is to position the shipping container on a dry, level surface. Concrete, paving, gravel, tarmac, and other hard surfaces are excellent choices. Avoid soft, damp and uneven surfaces. You can buy railroad ties or timbers to secure to the ground with stakes, or use pavers or reinforced blocks to elevate it. The delivery driver can place your storage container on these surfaces so that it won’t sit in wetness that can seep through and deteriorate the wood floor. Ensure that the surface is level at the four corners where most of the container’s weight sits, so the container won’t twist, which will prevent the doors from opening and closing tightly.

Are there any city regulations regarding having a shipping container on my property?

Prior to submitting an online order, call or research your local, city, and county ordinances to see what ordinances, if any, may be there to regulate the use or placement of containers. Sometimes they are categorized as temporary or removable structures for specific uses, and may or may not need a permit. However, some long-term uses can have permitting procedures to follow.

Why Should I Purchase a Container from The Shipping Container Co. in Omaha?

We offer a fast, transparent process to buy and deliver new one-trip containers and used conex containers with no hidden fees, setting up accounts, or waiting to talk with customer service. You place your order online and we deliver the container within 4-7 business days. If you have specific questions about your container needs, the delivery site, the delivery times, or any part of the process, call and talk with one of our container specialists who will answer your questions and arrange for delivery to your complete satisfaction.

Other Container Information

How to decipher the serial number on your shipping container:

ISO 6346 is the worldwide standard system for identifying all cargo containers in use around the world. The first three letters comprise the owner code; the next letter is the category, whether freight containers (U), or detachable container equipment (J), or container trailers/chassis (Z) or refrigerated containers (R). Next are 6 numbers that comprise the serial number, and the final numeral is the check digit, which is calculated as a means of validating the previous information. Here’s how it looks on a container:
How to read a shipping container serial number and ID

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